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Chin Ups & Sit Ups


Bodymax Chrome Doorway Chin Bar


Bodymax Chrome Doorway Chin Bar | FAMA0016 The Bodymax chrome doorway pulls up bar/chin-up bar is made from durable high strength steel and comes with non-slip foam padding grips for extra comfort and safety. Turn your door frame into a...


Bodymax Chin / Push Up Bar


Bodymax Chin / Push Up Bar | FAMA0051 If you work out at a gym for an hour every night that leaves 161 Hours per week for you to maintain your fitness providing you have equipment available. Bodymax Chin Bar fits into a doorway without the need for...


Fitness-Mad Universal Training Bar


Fitness-Mad Universal Training Bar | FPULLUP The Universal Training Bar allows any room to be turned into a gym! It can be attached to most doorframes to perform multi-position Pull Ups, Chin Ups & suspended crunches. Placed at the bottom of the...

Iron Gym Chin Bar


Iron Gym Chin Bar | IG-PUBA IRON GYM CHIN UP BAR is essential to home training equipment. The adjustable construction enables the chin bar to be fitted with any standard door frame. Allowing you to strengthen and tone your biceps, back muscles,...

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